Kenya M. Fairley, CD(DONA), CD(CHB)

Building on over 16 years of experience as a strong, compassionate advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, Kenya brings an empowering, feminist perspective to her doula practice. In January 2014, Kenya received her birth doula certification from DONA International. View Kenya’s DoulaMatch profile. More about Kenya, the Doula...

What is a Doula?

According to DONA International, in ancient Greek terms doula (DOO-luh) means “a woman who serves.” Today, doula refers to the practice of providing continuous, informed care and comfort to laboring mothers–before, during and after childbirth–by trained, experienced, educated, non-medical professionals. Not only can doulas bring evidence-based practice and statistically proven benefits to enhance the childbirth experience, doulas also:

  • build personal relationships with expecting moms, her partner and support system;
  • bring a feminine presence and woman’s perspective to the birth experience;
  • support the laboring woman’s body awareness and decision-making; and
  • protect the delivery environment and advocate for the positive birth experience that the woman wants.

Need Help Choosing a Doula?

Here are 10 Questions You Must Ask Your Doula from the San Diego Family Magazine. Meghan Miles, an experienced doula in Washington State says it best:

"I think moms should find the doula that is right for them, because even experienced doulas are willing to work on a sliding scale if money is a concern," Megan explains. "If a new doula feels like a good fit for your personality, then they might be the best doula for you. I hate to see new doulas dismissed because a family thinks they can pay more, and I hate to see couples who want a doula to go without because finances are tight".
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