Perinatal Bereavement Care

Pregnancy & Loss


Sadly, about 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies may end in miscarriage. Having experienced miscarriage herself, Kenya draws from her own personal experience as well as her professional training to offer Perinatal Bereavement Care – compassionate companionship and guidance to families experiencing pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

Through training from Angelique Chelton of Hearthside Bereavement Care, Kenya is poised to provide specialized services such as:

  • prenatal and birth doula support
  • educational and research assistance
  • in-person support to mothers in the home or hospital
  • guidance on comfort measures and coping
  • assistance with memorial items and meaningful ceremonies
  • lactation support for NICU, drying or donating
  • NICU guidance
After learning that my growing baby didn’t have a heartbeat, I chose to induce a miscarriage at home (under the guidance of my health care provider) to pass the fetus from my body. When preparing for this process, I read about different women’s experiences online and found loving support from close friends who had also been through pregnancy loss. I seek to combine my training and experience to be of service to other women striving to understand, grieve, and heal in their own way, in their own time.
— Kenya