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Kenya, the Doula believes in thoughtful planning, education and relationship building to ensure a positive and satisfying birth experience for every family she serves. 

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+ Public speaking

Over the course of her career, Kenya has spoken at numerous conferences, served as keynote, held small-gathering book readings, and other public speaking events.

+ Training & webinars

Having a multitude of experience as a trainer, Kenya offers in-person workshops or live webinar presentations to diverse audiences on being trauma-informed doulas.

+ Writing and Content Development

In addition to her book, With Harp & Sword, Kenya has written a number of articles on trauma-informed birth support and various other topics that intersect with domestic violence.

+ Doula-to-Doula Coaching

Personalized coaching and resources for doulas and birth professionals as well as processing and debriefing following a difficult birth.

+ DONA Certified Birth Doula

Thoughtful planning, birth education, and relationship building are the cornerstones of Kenya’s practice to ensure a positive and satisfying experience for each family she serves.

  1. Private in-home birth planning and education sessions for expectant families, including useful, easy to read handouts and resources
  2. Personalized birth support, including help laboring at home, continuous assistance at the birth, and partner coaching
  3. Customized postpartum support for families, including planning for the 4th trimester, help with breastfeeding or nursing, and processing the birth experience

Get in touch to discuss how I can best meet your needs, including my availability, rates and references.

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