Unfortunately, about 10-25% of all clinically recognized pregnancies may end in miscarriage. Having experienced miscarriage herself, Kenya draws from her own personal experience as well as her professional training to offer Perinatal Bereavement Care -- compassionate companionship and guidance to families experiencing pregnancy loss or still birth. Through training from Angelique Chelton of Hearthside Bereavement Care, Kenya is poised to provide specialized services such as:

Via Freeimages.com

Via Freeimages.com

  • prenatal and birth doula support
  • educational/research assistance
  • liaison to hospital/funeral home
  • referral to appropriate counseling
  • physical assistance to mother in the home or hospital
  • creation of memorial items
  • advisement on meaningful ceremonies
  • lactation support for NICU, drying or donating
  • NICU guidance

Contact Kenya to inquire about Perinatal Bereavement Care.  

Services for Families

"Pregnancy is beautiful and natural. Usually, pregnancy will progress normally and a healthy mother and baby result. There are times, however, when a child is lost through miscarriage or stillbirth. There are times during pregnancy when parents may learn their child has a life-limiting condition and don’t expect that their precious one will survive for long after being born. There are also times when parents learn their child has a difficult prenatal diagnoses that may impact him/her for the rest of the child’s life. When these impossible situations occur, hurting parents require the most compassionate and skilled guidance available."
- Hearthside Bereavement Care