Placenta Encapsulation & Postpartum Support

All families with newborns must adapt to many anticipated and unexpected changes following the birth of their little one. Many women will choose to encapsulate their placenta to assist with recovery after the birth, and some families will seek out postpartum support to ease the transition of life at home with a new tiny human. Read below for options on how Kenya can help you ease into the 4th trimester.

Placenta Encapsulation After Birth 

The placenta is a unique organ that grows inside the birthing person's body solely to provide oxygen, blood and nutrients to their growing baby. After the baby is born, the placenta is birthed and may be saved by the family for consumption or another cultural or traditional ritual. Processing the placenta into pills for consumption by the mother is called "encapsulation."

This process involves cleaning, dehydrating and grinding the dried placenta into pill form. Anecdotal reports on the benefits of placenta encapsulation include decreased potential for the baby blues, increased milk production, increased metabolism, increased energy, and help toning the uterus.    

Cost: Placenta encapsulation services are $225, payable when processing the placenta begins. Clients are responsible to bring the placenta home from the birth location and to properly refrigerate until processed.

Postpartum Support at Home with Baby

Many families find that help at home with baby after giving birth is invaluable to their recovery and adjustment. An extra pair of hands and non-judgmental support for the first few weeks can help the family with:

  • newborn care and soothing baby; 
  • respite for parents to shower, nap, have a break, or spend time with older children, family and friends;
  • immediate support for breastfeeding, positioning and understanding baby's nursing cues; 
  • light housekeeping, meal prep, or baby's laundry; and
  • creating a nurturing and peaceful environment.

Cost: Postpartum support must be booked for a minimum of 3 hours at $35 per hour. A set schedule may be discussed on an individual basis with each family to meet their needs. Evening and weekend hours are offered.