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Doulas are in a unique position to build genuine, meaningful relationships with survivors of abuse or assault during a time in their lives when they are extremely vulnerable to what’s happening with and to their bodies. 

Oftentimes, doulas come to share a deep connection with their clients which can decrease isolation and stigma for survivors, attest to the value of their lived experiences and validate that they are worth being cared for.  

Kenya wrote With Harp & Sword: A Doula’s Guide to Providing Trauma-Informed Birth Support to build a greater understanding of the lifelong impact of interpersonal violence in women’s lives, to discuss trauma-informed care as part of birth support and to offer strategies to enhance the doula practice.

With Harp & Sword is a thorough guide on trauma-informed birth support that offers thoughtful and smart strategies to doulas for helping survivor moms take control in a situation where they may feel extraordinarily vulnerable and out of control.
— Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

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[PDF download] Importance of Doula Self-Care

Doula self-care is important for a variety reasons. Download this one-page handout to help you, a colleague or loved one develop a plan for self-care.

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[2-pg PDF download] Factors to Consider When Choosing a Birth Location

The purpose of this chart is to help expectant women and their partners identify the factors that would leave them feeling the most satisfied with their birth experience and help them identify the care provider that would best help them achieve that outcome. Details of this chart inspired by content in the Evidence Based Birth® Professional Membership. 

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